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Marc Claerhout

The things God forgot

Marc Claerhout, born in Pittem (Belgium) in 1943, draws inexhaustible inspiration from nature and uses his unbridled imagination to create bronze creations that bathe in a magically realistic atmosphere. He developed his own unique method for casting bronze, combining the ancient cire perdue technique with a vacuum system he developed himself. All of his creations take on endless shapes, yet still remain recognizable. Abstracts are often formed by bringing a single organic detail to life. The artist also creates bubbling life that mostly brings the inner person to the fore, where purity is not always the order of the day.
What interests him is the unmentionable, things that are rather avoided in daily reality. Or as Mieke De Jaegher put it in 'De wijde wereld' (The wide world) in de Standaard of 6 and 7 March 1999: "The things God forgot. These are what Marc Claerhout makes..." Marc has been a full-time artist for more than 30 years already and has held hundreds of exhibitions. Many of his statues are currently part of public as well as private collections both locally and in foreign countries. Do not allow the magical world of this genius to pass you by!



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